Art Inspires Healing Curriculum

This curriculum was written by the teachers at Whitehall-Coplay High School, in Whitehall, PA. Their students create quality art in diverse mediums for the Hope & Healing Juried Art Show, which can be viewed in our Gallery. The teachers work as a team to complement each other in presenting the material and therefore the students have a better understanding of the importance of art and healing and how to translate that message into their work. All art from the show is donated to local healthcare facilities for placement in patient rooms, treatment areas, and any location where patients or caretakers spend time waiting and healing.

Art Lesson 1Community of Cranes for Hope
Lesson 2Healing Self Portrait
Lesson 3Painting with Scissors
English Lesson 1Concrete Poem
Lesson 2Contemporary Art Poem
Lesson 3Photo Essay
Math Lesson 1Mandalas & Geometry
Lesson 2Modeling Quantities
Lesson 3The Connections between Math & Literature
Science Lesson 1Cancer Through the Years
Lesson 2Cancer Treatments
Lesson 3What Type of Music Heals You
Social Studies Lesson 1The Melancholia of Abraham Lincoln
Lesson 2History’s Healing Words
Lesson 3Early American Healing and Medicine
Lesson 4F.D.R.’s Fireside Chats

Thank you to those who have made this project possible.  The high school teachers at Whitehall-Coplay School District who wrote the Curriculum: Danny Moyer, Art; Jason Grear, English; Karen Schwartz, Math; Annamarie O’Neill, Science; and Tim Cahalan, Social Studies. This project was made possible by funding from the Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation, The Rider-Pool Foundation, and Healing Through The Arts, Inc.

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