First Place High School

“Tranquil Sleep” by Lila Shokr

There is nothing more peaceful than nature and animals, who live with a natural innocence and tranquility. In this piece, I portray the undisturbed and healing slumber of a fawn surrounded by light and flowers, and with no qualms to disturb it.

Second Place High School

“Looking Up” by Katriel Chehade

Throughout the paths you take in life you will continue to grow. Many of the leaves on the tree are dead, but that doesn’t impede on its beauty. As long as you look up the view will be beautiful.

Third Place High School

“Bright Life” by Dylan Thompson

My Hope and Healing project named “Bright Life” depicts a scene with a silhouette of a person dancing in a colorful park at night, with the blend in the background of a city, which includes a ferris wheel. The park street is also blended with a waterfall from the water from the rain flowing downwards. It shows itself in a form of happiness through its mix and blending of bright colors, this along with the soft dark colors gives a contrast between the two which makes it pleasing to the eye for some. The environment and setting, the viewer can observe in a way tells a story. The person with an umbrella with his reflection, and the objects around him (the trees, lamp post, ferris wheel, buildings, street) also gives off their reflections and imply that it is raining or has rained. This doesn’t seem to bother the person however, as they are happily dancing freely and happily in the weather. This can bring happiness and hope to others to be joyful no matter where or when.

The inspiration came from the two artists: Leonid Afremov and Peter Max. Afremov is one of the few painters who does oil paintings mostly depicting parks at night or cities. His blend of colors and style of colored leaves on trees gave me the inspiration to make this painting form and its setting. My second inspiration came from the artist Peter Max, with his creativity and imagination of colors and placement, “Bright Life” gives an interesting piece of work that catches the attention of viewers with its flowing and loose painting style.

First Place College

“The Guardian” by Megan C. Brady

The patient stares at the plain wall, blank and without much hope, the harsh white paint cannot comfort them when their family is no longer present. The deer symbolizes gentleness, watching with soft eyes throughout the night like a guardian. It brings innocence to the room as it glances upon the patient. However despite this, deer also symbolize determination and the ability to move on through life’s toughest obstacles, such as being alone in a hospital bed. Its orange glow gives off enthusiasm, good health and determination, and also provides warmth to the room.

Along with this warmth are candles, a light in the darkness, and fish, representing abundance and eternity. The blues of the flowers and background represent peace, serenity and openness, calming the patient down from whatever anxiety they feel. It brings color and life to a blank room, which just might be enough to help the patient.

Second Place College

“Dancing Dogwood” by Vera Lucy Pinho

I took these photos at a time in my life when things were quite bleak. My father had a stroke, I was beginning to work through postpartum depression, and my dearest friend passed away all in the same season; winter. It was a dark time. I had enrolled in school that Spring and this dogwood tree was blossoming in my yard. I immediately noticed the joy and happiness it brought me both in nature and in my photographs. I made prints for myself right away and was pleased with the feelings they evoked. The horizontal image is joyful, happy and you can just imagine it happily dancing in the slight breeze. The vertical image is a bit more quiet, calming, and hopeful. A gentle reminder that spring will come along to brighten things up.

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